Thursday, April 8, 2010

Walden by Henry David Thoreau--I finally finished this after two years on March 31, 2010. I would read for a while and then put it down for months. I'm glad I finally finished it, but there were lots of passages that were sooo boring! Things like the color of the pond, the depth of the pond, the appearance of ice bubbles in the pond and on and on and on. I did like his ideas of living simply with what you have and appreciating the nature that is around us.

Our Boys, A Perfect Season on the Plains with the Smith Center Redmen by Joe Drape--I finished it April 6, 2010. This was a great, feel good book. Anyone who likes football and/or has children that are in sports should read this. I loved reading about life in rural Kansas. The story is about how a small rural town's high school football team managed to have the nation's longest high school winning streak. I got it for my husband who wasn't interested then started reading it myself and couldn't put it down. I talked about it so much my husband might as well of read it.

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