Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Sorceress by Michael Scott

Book 3 in the Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series
Young Adult Fantasy

The more I read this series the more I like it. In this book the Dark Elders, two evil immortals, and other more ancient beings are all still after Nicholas Flamel, his wife-Perenelle, and the twins of legend-Josh and Sophie. Sophie is reluctantly taking on her powers and duty, has been trained in two of the five elemental magics, and now has all of the witch of Endor's memories. Josh's powers have finally been awakened, but by an evil God of War who gave him his war knowledge in the awakening. They hope to be trained in water magic in this book, are still running from evil. Nicholas desperately wants to get to Perenelle, who is imprisoned, by the Dark Elders.

The book really pulls you in. It has just the right amount of action. Some books have so much action after a while it is tiring to read. This book balances the action with intrigue and leaves you wanting to know more. Will the twins save the world from the evil immortals, will Josh resist the powers of evil that seem to be pulling him, will Nicholas and Perenelle die before they get the formula back, and what will happen with the swords? So much still to learn, but enough to keep you interested. My only negative comment is that there are so many gods, creatures, immortals, etc. that it is hard to keep them all straight.

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