Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hold Tight by Harlan Coben

This is a 2011 Abraham Lincoln Books selection.

This book raises the question when/if parents are justified using some of the technology available today to spy of their children.  It is a thought provoking question.  The plot centers around a high school boy who has been acting strangely.  In a last ditch effort to find out what is going on with their son (who has a computer in his bedroom--a big no no in the first place) they put a spy program on his computer.  Later in the book they use the GPS on his phone to track him. I'm sure the High School set (the age group the Abraham Lincoln Books are aimed for) would side with the boy in the book and be outraged that the parents were spying.  The way the book turned out, the author seemed to be saying that spying was bad.  I'm going to say that children of any age (High Schoolers included) must prove that they are trustworthy by being open and honest about their activities.  If they break that trust they have to deal with the consequences.  Yes, spying is extreme, but if I thought I was about to loose my child to drugs, suicide, etc.  I would do it. 

On another note, there was a side story that seemed weird to me.  It didn't seems to add much to the main plot line and it didn't seem very believable.  There was also what I thought was unnecessary violence.  Not that by High School kids haven't been exposed to this and worse.  It just didn't seem necessary to the story.

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