Monday, March 28, 2011

Secretariat by William Nack

First published in 1975, this is the book that inspired the recent movie, Secretariat.

I love horses, live a short drive from one of the nation's finest tracks--Arlington, loved the movie, and love reading about people (or in this case a horse) who achieve greatness, so what's not to love about the book Secretariat!  It does get a bit tedious with all the in depth horse breeding history and race timing breakdowns, but they are minimal annoyances.  I learned so much about horse racing.  I would have liked to learn a bit more about Penny Tweedy, owner; Lucien Laurin, trainer; Ron Turcotte, jockey; and Ed Sweat, groom.  Secretariat was a truly great horse and this was worth while book.  I'm now all set to head to Arlington as soon as I figure out what's happened in horse racing since the 1970's.  (No, really it's just fun to sit and soak it all in.)  Maybe Mother's Day.

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