Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vampire Romance

If anyone has been following by blog, you will have figured out that I am a huge vampire book fan.  (No it didn't start with Twilight, It started with Interview with a Vampire.)  Here are a few I have read lately:

 From Christine Feehan's Dark Series--Dark Prince and Dark Melody.  The vampires in this series are at risk of loosing their soul's to the Darkness unless they find their life partner.  I love the utter devotion the vampires have for their soul mates, but the books tend to bog down when the hero and heroine sit around for page after page talking about how much the other one means to them.  Will this stop me from reading all bazillion of the books in the series, no way! (Three Fangs)

Kate MacAlister, A Girl's Guide to Vampires.  This one is a bit misleading, because it is not mainly about vampires.  Vampires are a part of the book, however and story is interesting.  There are also more books in this series and they are being rereleased soon.  Here the male vampires are born with darkness as a result of their father's sins and only their soul mate can bring them out of the darkness.  Pretty good.  (Two Fangs)

Kerrelyn Sparks, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire.  The first book in another long series of books.  This book was a bit lighter than the previous two, but still interesting.  The author has thought up an interesting vampire/supernatural world here with good story lines and romance.  (Two Fangs) 

Note:  My vampire book scale is from one to four fangs.  One being not so hot and Four being on fire. 

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