Saturday, May 21, 2011

Block Parties and Books

I was all set to watch the season finale of Supernatural, eat pizza, and finish Book 3 of the Hollows series, Every Which Way but Dead--a perfect Friday evening.  However, fate had other ideas for me.  As I was coming home from taking my son to the doctor, the garage door wouldn't go up.  Then I found out that Supernatural wasn't on and to add insult to injury, we had a block party to go to.  After discovering my new schedule for the evening and then listening to my husband grumble at the garage door for an hour, I was in a pretty bad mood.  But, life has a way of working out if you just let it.  I still got to eat great pizza (our family tradition on Fridays) the block party was fun (yes, I like to socialize from time to time, usually when my husband gives me a little push) and I finished the book this morning.  Now, I have to figure out when my show will be on and what to do about the garage door.  How come you can't open garage doors manually anymore?

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