Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton

Book #20 in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series

Well, sadly, I've finally read all the currently published books in the Anita Blake Series.  I am so sad; I enjoyed them so much.  Now, I will have to wait and wait to get more Anita fixes.

In this book, Anita is out of state on U.S. Marshall business.  She is working with long time friend and fellow vampire executioner Edward to solve the case.  There are no pack, no vampire, no pard, none of the things I REALLY love about the Series.  There is lots of blood, gore, grisly murder, and several fight scenes.  Her friendship with Edward grows and that is really interesting, but I missed all the rest of her guys.  Why wasn't she at least traveling with some companions to help her feed the ardeur?  It does get a little tiresome reading about how there is always a Marshal who hates Anita for no real reason.  That being said, an Anita Blake book I didn't like as well as the others still TOTALLY ROCKS! 

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