Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sick Day

First, I have to tell all my nonexistent, loyal readers that I am no longer a stay at home mom :(  Hubby seemed jealous of my stay at home status and forced me to get a job.  (Okay, so I agreed it was time, also).  As much as I loved staying at home, I love my new job.  I am a teacher's aid at an elementary school.   I love being around the kids everyday!  My reading has suffered a bit, but I still manage.  I have had to carefully select the books I want to read, since my time is so limited now. 

Anyway, I started in October and today is the first sick day I have had to use.  The flu is ravaging my school and I was not immune.  I plan to do nothing but read and sleep.   Luckily, new good books came in to the Library yesterday.  Since I was already feeling sick, I made my daughter run in and get them (what good are kids, if they can't do your running for you) and now I am set to read and recover. 

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