Monday, March 26, 2012

Wicked Deeds on A Winter's Night by Kresley Cole

The 3rd book in the Immortals After Dark Series

This is a pretty good series.  I'm not going to obsessively read it like I do the really good series, but it was an enjoyable read, interesting plot and romance.  In this series, there are a lot of different supernatural factions that are on the verge of war.  Previously, groups that weren't that friendly to each other are finding their members falling in love, like in this book a witch and a Lykae (werewolf). 

I do have to say I am really, really sick of the stupid titles and covers.  Why to the  publishers do that?  I find myself embarrassed to show the book in public.  I guess I will have to embrace the fact that I mostly read trash novels and stop being embarrassed or try reading actual literature. 

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