Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter or Christmas?

No new books to report on.  We are all still reading the current books; trying to find time to read with all the business.  It is all a juggling act.  I have been strangely energetic lately.  It will be a busy, fun weekend and I don't want to miss the fun feeling tired and stressed out.  So, I am working hard this week to keep up so I can have fun this weekend.

At lunch today, a co-worker was asking what the Easter Bunny should bring her kids.  At every suggestion, she stated they all ready had that.  I was thinking, if your kids all ready have everything then they are obviously overindulged and don't really need much for Easter.  When did every holiday become overloaded with gifts and food, requiring entire aisles of special food/candy in the grocery store?  It used to be a basket of candy was a treat, now kids get wrapped gifts like it is Christmas?!  Really!  My kids will be receiving small gifts and candy, not unlike a Christmas stocking.  And that is it.  I try really hard not to spoil my kids with everything they could ever want.  It isn't what I want to teach my kids.

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