Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just when I was ready to download Minecraft and try to figure how to help my son (age 7) play it, he discovered some Pokemon Wii game.  I even had a membership number ready to go, thanks to a co-worker that gave me her husband's unused membership.  Midwestern son will, no doubt, come back to wanting to play Minecraft, but I have had a reprieve.  My son's fixation on things is a result of his Aspererger's and his impulsiveness is all ADHD.  He is not the easiest kid to raise, but he's a great kid and a constant joy (when he's not begging non-stop for the latest object of his current fixation).  

Well, it reprieve didn't last long.  My son is having a fit because I took the computer away and won't go do anything else except lay next to me yelling.  In the midst of this, he reminded me about Minecraft.  Oh Joy!

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