Monday, April 9, 2012

The Time Starved Chef

I've struggled for years to put dinner on the table that not only everyone will like, but that is easy and quick, and fairly inexpensive.  I have decided that lots of people (myself included) can put dinners on the table is cost were no option and I had lots of time.  The real challenge is when you have picky eaters, with everyone being picky about different things; a short cooking time, some nights only 30 min. to fix dinner and eat; limited resources; oh and don't forget it should be at least a bit healthy. 

That should be a reality show.  Contestants have to work a full day, come home at 4:15, go though back packs, unpack lunch boxes, feed dogs, get dinner fixed and kids fed, and then have kids changed and ready to leave at 5:45 two days a week and 4:45 one day a week.!  I say, "Good Luck!"

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