Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole

Paranormal Romance
Book 5 in The Immortals After Dark Series

I am liking this series more and more.  Each book at least mentions previous characters, if not involves them in the story line, which is nice.  I like the continuity between books.  The author has thought up a multidimensional world full of lots of different creatures that make up the Lore.  There is the conflict of an upcoming Lore War and to top it all off, the romance is great! 

In this book Cadeon, a rage demon, after being a small character in several books, finally takes center stage.  He has found his one true mate, but is forbidden from being with her because she is human.  Meanwhile, the human, is turning into an immortal being that is suddenly being sought after by half of the Lore.  Cadeon has to choose help his mate or help his brother.  I loved this book, great action, great romance, great conflict, and what's a romance without a little heartbreak that is resolved in the end? 

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