Thursday, May 3, 2012

Undead and Unworthy

by Mary Janice Davidson
Book 7 in the Betsy Taylor Vampire Queen Series

In this book Betsy and Sinclair have just Married.  Betsy, the unwitting Vampire Queen is still trying to figure how just what it means to be queen, what she must do as queen, and what her powers are and how to handle them.  He husband, Sinclair is King, only because he slept with her right after she defeated the old ruler.  They do come to love each other and have a human wedding, although Sinclair is a bit overprotective of Betsy. 

I liked this book better than the last few.  Betsy is finally accepting her responsibilities and is finally being less of a materialist twit.  I wish the author would go deeper into Betsy and the other characters, adding more romance and heartbreak.  It's good, but not one of my favorites, but really, how bad could a book with vampires be anyway? 

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