Tuesday, June 12, 2012

be different, Adventures of a Free-Range Aspergian

This book marks the 42nd book I have read this year, of those, this is the 1st non-fiction book.  Of the other 41, only 3 were not vampire books, although they were still of the paranormal genre.

As the title of the book indicates, this is about embracing who you are, using the gifts you have, and dealing with things that you can't do or have trouble doing.

I have read John Elder Robinson's other book, Look Me in the Eye and I was really affected by what he said.  This new book is just as memorable.  As the mother of a boy who could have Aspergers and possessing many Aspergian qualities myself, Mr. Robison's words really hit home.  He doesn't bog his books down with boring how to advice, he tell his life story and what he has learned.  He is an inspiration.  I recommend this book to anyone who has Aspergers, knows anyone who has Aspergers, or anyone who maybe just has never quite fit in.  It is informative, funny at times, and an inspiration.

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