Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Beach House by Jane Green

This book is one of those woman's fiction novels that I rarely read.  For some reason, I am not that interested in most of the non paranormal books marketed to woman.  It is the June pick by my book club, however, so I picked it up.  I was not looking forward to reading it, but I wanted to make the effort for two reasons.   One, I love books and any book discussion is better than none.  Two, I realize I read mostly only paranormal books and enjoy stretching myself from time to time.  So, I ordered it from the library, picked it up, and let it sit for about a week.  I reluctantly started reading it and it seemed my worst fears were going to be realized.  It was about women who's marriages are falling apart.  Why are so many woman's books about that?  Does it make woman happy to read about other woman in pain?  I read slowly, often putting it down in favor of other, more preferable books.  At some point, though, I realized that this book was interesting and about more than pain and heartbreak. 

The book's main point seemed to be the theme, be true to your self.  I like that.  I think that many, many women aren't, that they are living lives for their husbands and families.  We do tend to get lost caring for others.   I loved the character's regrouping and finding out who they really are and what they want out of life.  I loved the sweet romances.  I loved the beautiful setting.  I got probably 1/4 of the way through the book and couldn't put it down.  It's a great summer read and a really sweet book with a happy ending and I love happy endings!   

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