Friday, June 15, 2012

High Blood Pressure

Yesterday I found out my high blood pressure is back.  I found out I had high blood pressure on Christmas Eve (yes, it kind of ruined Christmas for me).  I stopped taking Sudafed and the problem went away.  I thought the problem was over, but after a doctor visit yesterday, I discovered much to my horror, that I am still prehypertensive.  The doctor wants to start me of medication.  I now have a choice, I can take the pills for the rest of my live or I can make some changes to my diet and add exercise.  Maybe that will help.  Sounds like an easy choice right, but when I think of a lifetime of salads with tasteless vinegar dressing and chicken, chicken, chicken, I start thinking the joy of living is over.  I know, I am being a bit dramatic, but this is such a shock.  It is the first time I have ever really had to face the fact that I AM GETTING OLD and it sucks! 

I must go and start planning a new menu then take a walk with my new pedometer.  I don't want to rely on medicine and I would like to be around for a while longer--my youngest is only 7!

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