Friday, August 8, 2014

Montana Vacation - Day 10 - The Last Day

Day 10 - The Road Home

After a nice night sleeping in real beds, we were up and headed home at a reasonable time.  The kids, who are wonderful travelers, settled back for another day of driving.  Unfortunately, we timed our return trip home for a Sunday afternoon and we ran into traffic around the Wisconsin Dells.  Faced with the possibility of spending hours stuck in stop-and-go traffic, we decided to take the scenic route home through the Wisconsin countryside.  It was slow going (who knows if it was faster than the interstate), but it was beautiful; a fitting end to our vacation.  The country route also allowed us a stop in Monroe, Wisconsin home to the famous Baumgartner's.  One of Hubby's favorite places ever!

Baumgartner's is a cheese store and tavern, operating since 1931.  The area was settled by Swiss and German Immigrants and still is a strong cheese making area.  This is the only place in the United States where Limburger cheese is still produced, among many others.  It is famous for its cheese sandwiches--large slices of perfectly stored cheese served on brown bread with onion and mustard--delicious!  Also available is summer sausage and chili served with locally brewed beer.  
After enjoying our cheese sandwiches, we hit the road again, for the last leg of our journey.  We stopped and saw Hubby's sister and husband (Uncle Mister, as #1 daughter calls him) for a quick visit. 
It was a wonderful trip and we have lots of fond memories to last us until next year's vacation. 
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