Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dollars for progress; How to defund the Right!

My husband and I are solidly Progressive.  My husband grew up in a once booming manufacturing town among other hard working, Democratic people and I grew up in a rural, small town community among Republicans, the sole voice for the Environment and policies that help people not corporations.  For the most part, we try not to go around causing trouble and arguing about politics.  I dislike arguing and my husband works for a large corporation and would not benefit from progressive politics.  Lately, however, the election of Donald Trump as president has caused us to reevaluate. For obvious reasons people who care about how other people are treated, that people be able to earn a decent wage for a day of work, and for the environment would dislike the election of a person who has no political experience and who's policies and opinions range from moronic to downright dangerous.

So, now we need to take action.  Others have marched and protested, but that is not really our style. We have decided that we will do our best not to support companies that donate to Republican campaigns, that mistreat their employees or the environment, or support policies that favor the wealthy and corporations over people.  This will be a huge undertaking and will require a lot of research, but it is what we feel is the right thing to do.

We are starting with a product that sees its way into our house on a regular basis (after all, the current state of politics has driven us to consume more--so we felt it is the best place to start).


Environmentally, try to buy from locally-owned microbreweries, but first check into their political activities.  When buying from nationally distributed products here are the brands I found to be worthy of spending your hard-earned money on:

New Belgium Brewery produces Belgian beers for the forward-thinking individual. NBB is a wind-powered and employee owned craft brewer located in the United States, distributing throughout the western US. 100% of their political donations have been donated to the Democratic party.  They have extensive, positive environmental polices.  

Boston Beer Company brewer of Sam Adams beer.  Not only have they, almost exclusively, given to Democratic campaigns, the company is American owned.  They also reuse bottles in states that have bottle deposits.   

Heineken is a Netherlands owned company where the beer is brewed,  However, the United States distribution company give mostly to Democratic candidates and have environmentally responsible policies.  

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