Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day, pick-up trucks, and flags.

I live in what was once a quaint, quiet, farm town on a river.  Now-a-days it still has a bit of small, farm town flavor left, but mostly it is a bedroom community with subdivisions full of McMansions.

Our beautiful town square park!

Unfortunately, the main north/south road through town has been expanded from 2 lanes to 4 and now there is a veritable expressway running right in front of our quaint park.

Yesterday, I attended our town's Memorial Day service.  (I am ashamed to say, that until I had children in middle school band that played at the service, I never attended.)  It is held in our town square park between the above gazebo and the memorial to the veterans from our county that gave their lives in war.  The band plays, there is a singer, the mayor and other guests speak--it is a nice remembrance of the many who have died in war.

So I'm sitting in my lawn chair listening to the band and the various speakers on a beautiful day, when I suddenly can't hear what is going on because a vehicle is gunning his engine and roaring past the park (note that this is a 35 mile an hour zone--no engine roaring is necessary)  I am now distracted from what is going on and look over at the highway and this is what I see:

Image result for pick up trucks with flags in the bed

Amazingly this happens not once, but 3 times (yes, 3 different trucks!)  during the service.  I was left wondering if maybe these obnoxious, flag-waving trucks owners would find a better outlet for their patriotism by attending a Memorial Day service instead of the over-the-top, loud, flag display.  I don't have anything against flags or trucks.  What I don't like is when trucks are driven like the road through town (that passes parks and pedestrians walking) is their own raceway.  When drivers trick out their engines and then drive around at an ear-splitting roar, it is just plain rude.  Flags are a symbol of our country and deserve to be flown respectfully not used for an over-the-top patriotic display.  (And as long as I'm ranting--they shouldn't be worn as clothing or decoration either!)

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